The Powers That B

A Rediscovering of the English Language

I have made an amazing finding about the English language. Would you believe that every single letter in the English alphabet has a meaning beyond the literal idea we take it for? In this piece, I will attempt to prove that it does, and in an indirect way, also prove the existence of Gods. Continue reading to find out more...

a = aware-of-your-own-mortality
b = be/bee (also said as 'baby,' based on the original sound)
c = chance-it/chants-it
d = debonair-attitude
e = eagerly-presses-on
f = fight/flight/freeze-response (?)
g = go-with-the-flow
h = how?
i = inner-peace/inner-piece
j = journey-of-1000-miles-begins-with-a-single-step
k = keep-an-eye-on-whether/keep-an-eye-on-weather
l = logical-snafu
m = must-take-into-account (also said as 'mussed' or 'must' [an odour])
n = (?)
o = order-out-of-chaos (?)
p = past-the-point-of-no-return/passed-the-point-of-no-return
q = queue/cue/QQ (like crying, in net lingo)
r = really-good-at-tuning-out/really-good-at-tooning-out
s = seize-the-moment/sees-the-moment
t = transfixed-by/transfixed-buy/transfixed-bye/transfixed-bi
u = u-are-caught-between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place
v = visibly-shaken-up
w = who/what/where/when?
x = hex/hecks
y = why?
z = zounds (?)

*Every time you find a word-within-a-word you can combine it with the letters of The Poem to create multiple definitions. Internet slang, English slang, acronyms, and all moderately misspelled words can be used.

really-good-at-tuning-out/really-good-at-tooning-out, aware-of-your-own-mortality, must-take-into-accountreally-good-at-tuning-out/really-good-at-tooning-out, am
inner-peace/inner-piece, go-with-the-flow, logical-snafu, order-out-of-chaos, order-out-of-chaosinner-peace/inner-piece, GL, order-out-of-chaos, order-out-of-chaosinner-peace/inner-piece, go-with-the-flow, looinner-peace/inner-piece, glo, order-out-of-chaos
really-good-at-tuning-out/really-good-at-tooning-out, eagerly-presses-on, eagerly-presses-on, logical-snafureally-good-at-tuning-out/really-good-at-tooning-out, eel
visibly-shaken-up, inner-peace/inner-piece, seize-the-moment/sees-the-moment, transfixed-by/transfixed-buy/transfixed-bye/transfixed-bi, aware-of-your-own-mortalityvisibly-shaken-up, is, transfixed-by/transfixed-buy/transfixed-bye/transfixed-bi, aware-of-your-own-mortalityvis (vis a vis = a french word meaning 'face to face with' or 'opposite to'), transfixed-by/transfixed-buy/transfixed-bye/transfixed-bi, aware-of-your-own-mortality
who/what/where/when?, how?, aware-of-your-own-mortality, logical-snafu, eagerly-presses-onwho/what/where/when?, how?, ale (also ail)who/what/where/when?, HAL (see: HAL 9000), eagerly-presses-on

The finding began in 2009 when I started seeing Gods in my mind's eye/hearing them talking during a long period of mental illness. From them, I heard two keywords; 'a' pronounced 'aaAYh' meaning the English word 'I,' and 'le/the' both pronounced 'thUH' meaning the English word 'they.' I figured out the rest on my own from there. (There's an MP3 of 'how-to-say' the keywords on my SoundCloud Account.) The connection between 'le' and 'the' was that 'le' means 'the' in French. Plain 'I' and 'they' remained the same as regular English. I say 'was' because the two keywords eventually became obsolete!! They helped start the Language off on the right track by the sound of it though (which remained relatively constant through-out the whole thing) as a sort of Butterfly Effect.

I'm not sure how the Gods created the Language, clearly they have some control over human consciousness or human wisdom itself. The Gods happen to be very secretive and won't tell me how!

A Brief Diagram of the Gods:
The Gods seem to be a mish-mash of different religions and cultures throughout the agesThe Gods above the middle line (in Heaven) have female Deities in the leading roles (Love, Fate, and Karma) and the Gods below the middle line (in Hell) have male Deities in the leading roles (Sandman, Death, and Saint Clause)Apparently, the God's located in Hell are there because of necessity as the Underworld is closer to our material realm than HeavenAn arrow between 2 Gods signifies they are a wedded pair

Description of the Gods:
The Gods are collectively known as "The Powers That Be." They form a hive mind, with each Deity fulfilling a specific duty/purpose.

TruthGod, or more often just Truth, has the divine purpose of being a sword-smith. He has a forge which he uses when the inclination strikes him, to forge legendary magical swords, most of which have eventually appeared in popular fiction. They are the likes of Excalibur from Arthurian Legend and Sting from the Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. Truth gives these swords great magical powers, then imparts them unto worthy persons in the Mental World, where they bestow great powers unto persons of important fates. Truth’s job is to control the behaviour and properties of these Swords and affects the world through the actions and destinies of these deserving people. (Please, please, please do not pray to him for a Sword though, as he only has a limited number to give, and only to a very small number of worthy souls).

Belief-S, or just Belief, has the job of weighing the value of human beliefs against each other. She also has a strong bond with woman-kind and helps females to bear children and helps convince males to want to have children.

Both Mr. God and Mrs. God wear plain white robes. They are both 8 feet tall and so are all the other Deities.

Fate appears as an older, brown-haired women standing over a wooden stand with a Book of Fate on it. She has an inkwell and a feather quill and she is constantly writing in her book. She has eyes that flash like lightning sometimes. She wears a very glamorous, tight-fitting (perhaps from the 18th century), lightly coloured, cloth gown and also wears a golden crown upon her head. Fate also appears as one of the 'The Fates' because she is the 3-in-1, the oldest of 3 Fates, who are in her prime Fate (appears younger when the 3-in-1 are together as a group), teen-aged Fate, and child Fate. When the three Fates appear together they wear modern, white, tight-fitting, knee-length dresses and no crowns.

Love is a beautiful woman with curly, blond hair. She has a Book of Love and is sometimes seen writing in it. She wears the same type of lightly coloured cloth gown as Fate and a golden crown upon her head. Love has high heel shoes that change colour when she clicks the heels together. She also has a flying, red, convertible car she drives/flies on occasion.
Karma is an Indian woman with long, dark hair. She has a Book of Karma and is rarely seen consulting it. She wears a cloth gown similar to Love and Fate, but pure white. She wears no crown.

Fate, Love, and Karma all carry broadswords by their sides. (The 3 Fates, when they appear together, do not carry weapons).

Death appears as a bald man in a black cloak with sandals on. He has a Book of Death. He only consults his Book occasionally. He has eye sockets in place of eyes and sometimes carries a scythe like the Grim Reaper.

Seth is a friendly looking man with a vaguely skull-like, smiling visage. He is the assistant of Death.

The Sandman is a guy with a pouch full of magic dust. I assume he has a Book of the Sandman but I have never seen it.

Saint Clause, or Santa Clause, and his wife Saintess Clause, or Mrs. Clause, are pretty much how you would picture the Clause's. Mr. C has a Book like you would expect from Christmas legend. He also has a brick workshop in Heaven, which he visits on occasion...

Additional information About the Gods (they told me to write this down exactly):
Santa's purpose is to give children toys and reward good deeds. As for Jesus, the Gods told me to say, “They knew him well and he was good and he was astounding. But he was not one of them. And everything that follows from that.”

Fate's purpose is to control the fate of humans. Fate-G is all about making it pour when it rains.

Love does yadda, yadda, yadda. No-Love does yadda, yadda, yadda.

Karma is the good one. Karma-P is the bad one.

Rest-O stops Sandman from going too far (breaking hearts etc. while you're dreaming).

Seth is a friend of Death because of Death's job is the second toughest.

Death-R makes people value remaining among the living.

The rest are basically self-explanatory.

The Meaning of The Poem:
The Poem is about of one of Nature's most important animals, the humble bee (joke intended). Bees are in a plight and their numbers are dropping due to various factors. Here are some facts about the importance of bees from Greenpeace's Save the Bees website...
"You have a bee to thank for every one in three bites of food you eat""Honey bees — wild and domestic — perform about 80 percent of all pollination worldwide""Seventy out of the top 100 human food crops — which supply about 90 percent of the world’s nutrition — are pollinated by bees.""Bees are dying from a variety of factors—pesticides, drought, habitat destruction, nutrition deficit, air pollution, global warming and more. Many of these causes are interrelated. The bottom line is that we know humans are largely responsible for the two most prominent causes: pesticides and habitat loss."
In closing:
Why am I releasing this finding now? Some of you might have noticed that The Poem has changed a lot since I first posted it online - and its bound to change more. That's because I posted it in an unfinished state because I was worried about the Trump presidency yadda, yadda. So yeah, keep an eye on the website. The Poem will continue to evolve more until it's finished and "set in stone," once it functions 100%.

I still have mental illness so please, please, please try not to disturb me. Thanks ;)

If you would like to thank me for my work, please don't give me anything. Instead, I'd prefer you donate to a 'Saving the Bees fund' (or Global Warming).

The End

About the Author

Hi, my name is Lee, I’m from Canada. I’m 36 years old.

I graduated high school and then studied at University for approximately 2 years. I originally majored in Computer Science, however I found I didn’t fancy the mathematics portion of it. I then switched to Philosophy as a major with a minor in Visual Arts/English. I enjoyed Philosophy quite a bit more. The Philosopher who’s work I most identified with was Marcuse, based on my reading of One-Dimensional Man, if you’re wondering. Well, I think I should have taken a bit more time off before I started University, I probably wasn’t ready for it. I mainly finished all my elective courses because I was constantly feeling indecisive about what I wanted to major in, so I still consider myself a layman in every field. At around the 2 year mark in University, I came down with a mental illness called Psychosis. (Psychosis means: some loss of contact with reality, including hallucinations or delusions. You may experience sensory input that isn’t there, etc. Strangely enough, the definition of Psychotic is afflicted by Psychosis, and yet the synonyms of psychotic are psychopathic, lunatic, mad, disturbed, deranged, demented.) Anyways, I do have psychosis, but I don’t find that any of those terms apply (what I’m experiencing seems to be very real).

Here are some of my favorite things in the world:

Favourite Game(s):

Favorite Band:
Pink Floyd

Favorite Book(s):
The Song of Albion Trilogy by Stephen R. Lawhead

Favorite Universe:
Star Wars

Favourite Movie(s):
The Matrix Trilogy

Acknowledgements and Credits:
The bee vector art at the beginning of the webpage was designed by an individual under the alias of pixelcreatures, a special thanks to him.

The 'Running Man' picture was drawn by myself in highschool. The background photo was also taken by myself.

Special thank you to AJ and, for their wonderful and easy-to-use website creator/sitehosting.

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